March Student of the Month: Anson Hui 

by Neapolitan Connection staff


Canadian pianist ANSON HUI was the youngest winner of

the grand prize at the 2014 Indiana University Piano

Concerto Competition. He was also the winner of the first

prize at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Concerto

Competition in 2013. In 2010, Anson performed at Carnegie

Hall in New York City after winning the American Protégé

International String and Piano Competition and the Canadian

Music Competition. Most recently, Anson Hui performed with

the Canadian Sinfonietta at the CBC Glenn Gould Studio and

with the New York Concerti Sinfonietta in New York City.

We are very glad that Anson was able to take the time to answer the following questions:




NC: How were you first introduced to classical music, and when did you begin studying piano?


AH: I began my piano lesson at age six with Dr. Sofia Moshevieh, but I began listening to classical music since I was a baby.

NC. Can you describe your most memorable performance experience?


AH: The most memorable experience was playing with my first orchestra debut at age eleven. I played with the New York sinfonietta the Mozart concerto No.20.



NC: Who has been your greatest musical influence or mentor as a young musician?


AH: My teacher pianist Edward Auer, is the biggest influence I ever had. Arthur Rubinstein is also my favorite pianist.


NC: Do you have a favorite music composer, and why? 


AH: Bach is my favorite composer because his work is symmetric.


NC: Outside of music, do you have other hobbies or interests?


AH: I read books, play Legos, and play board games with my family and friends. I am also interested in science a lot, and often read a website called mechanismsimhematology.


NC: What musical projects are you currently working on? 


AH: I will play the Beethoven concerto No.1 with an orchestra in Hong Kong this June. Although, I have played with 7 orchestras and over 70 recitals in North America and Europe, I never had an orchestra performance in Asia, and am very excited with this concert.


NC: Do you have any future musical goals that you wish to accomplish?


AH: I believe continuing to play the piano is already a significant goal for me.



 Here is Anson performing Chopin Concerto no. 1 2nd mvt at Indiana University Auer Concert Hall: 











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