October's Young Artist: Tiffany Tse

By: Neapolitan Connection Staff

October 2014



Q: How did your life as a pianist/musician begin?

TT: At first, when I began piano lessons at the age of five, I was just looking to play for

fun. But after my first piano competition at the age of six, I started to take piano seriously

and became extremely devoted to it. It wasn't just a "hobby" to me anymore but rather, it

became a part of my life. However, I started growing as a musician when I was about ten

years old, which was the first time I entered in the Canadian Music Competition - it was the

largest competition I've ever been to at the time.

Q: Can you tell us about your most memorable performance experience?

TT: My most memorable performance experience has got to be the first time I performed

at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Being on that stage, and performing one of my favourite

pieces there was such a magical feeling... I would never exchange that performance for


Q: Who or what has been your biggest musical influence as a young musician?

TT: As a young musician, my piano teachers have been my biggest musical influence. They taught me what it meant to play music, and not just keys on an instrument. They brought me to where I am today and I am so thankful for them.

Q: Who is your favorite composer, and why?

TT: My favourite composer is Chopin at the moment because his works really touch me. I know this is super cliche but I especially love his Concerto No. 1 - not because it is popular, but because it really does speak to me. Beethoven's music has also always interested me too. The most phenomenal part of his music is the way he expresses his own suffering and tragedy in it, but also keeping in mind the hope and happiness of the world.

Q: What other hobbies do you enjoy in addition to school and music?

TT: I am currently in the school Concert Band playing the flute as well as Jazz Band, playing the piano. I enjoy swimming and playing basketball (although I'm not allowed because it could potentially hurt my fingers). My favourite subject is school is definitely physics!



Watch Tiffany's spectacular performance of Mendelssohn's Capriccio Brillant Op. 22 with Ithaca Symphony Orchestra:

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