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October Young Artist: Daniel Clarke-Bouchard

Daniel Clarke-Bouchard

is a pianist from Montreal, Canada. At the age of 15,

he has already taken first prize at the Canadian Music Competition, made his

debuts at Carnegie Hall and with the Metropolitan Orchestra, been invited as

a guest on many different talk shows, and released his first album. We were

very glad Daniel could spare a few moments to answer some of our questions:

NC: Can you describe how your life as a young musician began?

DCB: I started at the age of 5, when my mother bought me an upright piano. At first, I was in shock of the instrument, but after, I got accustomed to it. And at the age of 6, I performed in my first recital in front of a lot of people. Every since, I haven't stopped playing the piano.

NC: Can you describe your most memorable performance experience?

DCB: One of my most memorable concert experiences has to be when I performed with Earth, Wind and Fire. They were so amazing and performing on stage with them was surreal. Also, whenever I perform with Oliver Jones it is memorable, like the time I performed at the Maison Symphonique with him. That was pretty memorable.

NC: Who have been your biggest musical influences on your musical development?

DCB: Oliver Jones is one of my biggest influences as a young musician because of the simplicity in his playing and the way he comes off so humble. In the classical world, one of my idols would have to be Evgeny Kissin and Stephen Hough, because they are some of the the finest classical musicians on the planet.

NC: Do you have a preference for any music composers in particular?

DCB: My favorite composers are probably Schubert and Prokofiev. Schubert, because his lyrical music is really beautiful and his story is definitely touching. His music is so perfect. And Prokofiev, because he bring something different to classical music, you hear a sort of jazz medley in some of his pieces. His music is strange to some audiences, but is so different you cannot stop listening to it.

NC: In addition to music, are there any other hobbies that you enjoy?

DCB: I like hockey a lot, I watch a lot of hockey games and play goalie, and reading books I always love.

NC: Do you currently have any exciting musical projects on the horizon?

DCB: I am working on a new album which should be available soon. I will give you details soon about it soon. So stay tuned on Facebook (Daniel Clarke Bouchard Pianist), on twitter (@danielcbouchard), etc. Also, I plan do a lot of concerts in the near future, so, like I said, stay tuned.

NC: Where do you hope your musical pursuits will lead in the near future?

DCB: I hope to reach a larger audience in the future. I hope to maybe have a world tour of concerts and my own composition album. Many things are to come, I hope!

Here is a video of Daniel performing live on the Ellen Degeneres Show:


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