January's Young Artist: Tabitha Johnson

By: Neapolitan Connection Staff

January 2015


At age 18, pianist Tabitha Johnson has already made great strides

on the musical scene. She recently achieved 3rd place in the 17 &

Under piano category of the 2014 Canadian Music Competition,

and was named Young ORMTA Artist in 2013, which subsequently

led to a 10-city tour in Ontario, Canada. The interview below

enlightens us more about Tabitha's life as a young musician:



Q: How did music become a major part of your life?


TJ: My grandfather shared his love of music with me at a young age. At his request, I began

piano lessons with Cheryl Graham. There were times I did not think piano was something I

wanted to pursue, but growing up in such a musically enriched environment, my ideas soon

changed. I became heavily involved in piano performances, competitions and accompanying

various instruments, singers and choirs. Eventually, piano became an important part of my life

rather than a mere task or chore.



Q: What is your most memorable performance experience?


TJ: It happened when I was accompanying my school choir at a competition. I was playing on a beautiful Shigeru Kawai and noticed there was water dripping from the ceiling over the piano and me. The water was splashing on my glasses so I could not see the music

or my hands while I was playing for the choir! Fortunately, the music was somewhat memorized so I was able to continue without the audience noticing.



Q: Do you have any favorite composers?


TJ: My favorite composers change based on my mood or what scores I am studying the most. Currently my favorite composer is Dvorak because of his memorable melodies and his ability to connect with the listener.



Q: What musical projects are you currently working on?


TJ: I am preparing for auditions in the beginning of the year to study music on the post-secondary level. I am also devoting time this year to develop my technique.



Q: What are some of your musical goals for the future?


TJ: I enjoy teaching at a school and privately and would hope to one day teach at a post-secondary institution. I also enjoy performing very much and would hope to one day play in concert halls where the most brilliant classical pianists have performed.


Here's a video of Tabitha playing the Grieg Piano Concerto in A minor:

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