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November's Young Artist: Umi Garrett

November's Young Artist: Umi Garrett

At age 18, Umi Garrett's piano performance career has already taken her all around the globe.

She is the 2012 winner of the Osaka and the Chopin International Music Competitions, and performs regularly in the U.S. Now a busy music student at Juilliard School in New York City, we are grateful to Umi for taking a moment out of her schedule to talk with us: NC: What made you decide to play the piano? UG: I wanted to start playing piano when I was 4, because I saw my friends in preschool start, and I thought it would be really fun. Once I started playing, I grew to love it more and more.

NC: Do you play any other musical instruments? UG: I also learned the violin when I was younger, but I was always more drawn to the piano. NC: Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations? UG: Amazing female pianists like Yuja Wang and Martha Argerich inspire me - their performances and dedication push me to work harder everyday. NC: Do you have a favorite music composer or musical composition? UG: My favorites always change, but currently, my favorite piece of music is Scriabin's Fantasie in B. It's a really difficult piece, I think, to understand, but it's such a beautiful and rich piece. NC: How were you able to balance your school academics with a piano career? UG: When I was in high school, I did my best to manage my time wisely, but I wouldn't have been able to balance academics and piano without my incredibly supportive high school and teachers. Now, I'm at the Juilliard School, and I have the time and opportunity to put all my focus on music.

NC: What interests do you have aside from playing music? UG: Aside from playing music, I love watching movies and reading books. I also love making vlogs, they're usually just about things going on in my life and my friends. I love the whole video-making process. NC: Can you recall once of your most memorable performance experiences? UG: I usually encourage young children to come to my concerts, because that's how I was inspired when I was younger - through live performances. Once though, there was a lady with her baby right in the front row, and the baby started crying during one of the slower pieces. To make it worse, the lady started shaking her car keys to entertain the baby. Honestly, it was really funny, and definitely one of a more memorable performance experience. NC: Which countries have you already visited, and where do you dream of performing? UG: I've been to lots of countries in Europe, Australia, Panama, Japan, China, Canada, and Mexico. I really love traveling and going to other countries and seeing other cultures, so I would love to perform anywhere. I haven't been to many places in South America, though, so I would love to perform there someday. NC: Do you have any interesting musical projects on the horizon? UG: Right now, I'm about to publish my third CD, Storybook. It's 2 years in the making, and I'm so excited to finally share it with everyone. Watch Umi's gripping performance of Beethoven Piano Sonata Op. 90 in E minor:

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