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October's Young Artist: Leah Flynn

October's Young Artist: Leah Flynn

At the age of ten, US violin prodigy Leah Flynn already possesses a diverse variety of music repertoire under her belt. At the tender age of five, Leah became a member of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra, she has also recently started her very own music organization and continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her violin performances.

Learn more about Leah's vibrant musical life in the interview below:

NC: How old were you when you started playing the violin, and why did you choose that particular instrument?

LF: I was five years old when I started playing the violin and my father says the Holy Spirit prompted him to have me learn the violin.

NC: Who are your biggest inspirations? Is there any musician that you would really love to meet one day?

LF: My biggest inspirations are my Mom and my favorite violinist, Sarah Chang. I would absolutely love to meet Sarah Chang. She’s a concert violinist who tours the world. NC: Who is your favorite music composer? Do you have a favorite piece of music that you enjoy playing on violin?

LF: My favorite music composer is Mozart. My favorite pieces to play on the violin are Disney’s “Let It Go” and for classical it is “Meditation from Thais”.

NC: Can you tell us about your most memorable performance experience?

LF: My most memorable performance was when I performed with The Orlando Philharmonic during their 25th anniversary gala in May, 2018. I played my favorite classical piece “Meditation from Thais”. It was an amazing experience.

NC: What else do you enjoy doing besides playing the violin?

LF: I enjoy singing CCM songs and playing my Ukulele, swimming, songwriting, riding my scooter.

NC: Which countries have you visited so far?

LF: The countries I have visited are Columbia, Canada and Jamaica.

NC: What are you currently listening to on your music play list?

LF: I’m listening to concertos by Julia Fischer.

NC: Do you dream of performing anywhere special one day?

LF: I dream of performing with The Berlin Philharmonic and at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

NC: Can you please tell us a bit about your Heart for Strings Foundation? LF: Heart for Strings Foundation is an organization that was created by my parents and I to inspire other youth, especially African American youth play an instrument, such as the violin. Hopefully one day, there will be more diversity in America's major symphony orchestras and more youth experiencing the joy and culture that music gives.

NC: Are you currently working on any interesting musical projects?

LF: I am working on Accolay by Jean Baptiste Accolay. NC: What do you hope to be doing 10 years from now?

LF: I hope to be touring the world as a concert violinist after completing my baccalaureate degree.

Watch Leah’s inspirational violin performance of Meditation from Thais:


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