May's Young Artist: Faith-Dinah Gumahad

By: Neapolitan Connection Staff

May 2015


Faith-Dinah Gumahad is a 20-year old Toronto-based soprano 

who has been a Kiwanis Music Festival scholarship recipient and

also a finalist in Neapolitan Connection's 2012 Young Masters

of Classical Music. We interviewed Faith-Dinah to get to know

her better as an artist:


Q. How did your life as a soprano/musician begin?


FDG: My musical journey started off when I was around the age of 12.

I took vocal lessons in order to gain confidence and self-esteem. At 15

I decided to take music seriously after being advised by my teachers that

I had the potential to take my vocals to the next level.


Q. What is your most memorable performance experience?


FDG: The most memorable experience I had so far was during my performance

of "Or Sai chi l'onore" from Mozart's Don Giovanni. I remember getting caught

up in the moment and giving it my all, up to the point where I felt a button pop

from the back of my dress. Luckily, nobody noticed and I managed to keep my

composure and my dress on until the performance was over.


Q. What is your favorite opera, and why?


FDG: My favourite opera is Vincenzo Bellini's Norma. The bel canto and drama in Bellini's opera create emotions within me that I don't experience often compared to other operas. The music itself brings me to tears and combined with the other elements it becomes an absolutely stunning piece.



Q. Which performing artist has inspired you the most as a young musician?


FDG: The person who inspires me the most would be Maria Callas. Her voice was one of a kind. Although she went through so much with not only in her music career but her personal life as well; her love for music never changed and I admire her for that and for her passion.


Q. Do you have any other interests or pursuits in addition to music?


FDG: Aside from music, my interests are found within creative writing and reading western philosophy.   

Q. Where do you dream of performing in the future?


FDG: Toronto's Four Seasons Center Stage is definitely one of the places that I dream of performing. I know that it's not as big of a deal like The Metropolitan, Sydney Opera House, or even the prestigious opera houses in Europe. But personally, performing at the Four Seasons Centre is a dream that I hope to fulfill and accomplish someday.



Watch Faith-Dinah's performance as Donna Anna from Mozart's Don Giovanni, beginning at 6:00:




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